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After two years and three prototypes, we are gearing up for release.


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smart home awareness


Range Tags

Use Range Tags to turn virtually any object into a detectable presence trigger. From bags to keys and even dog collars. Range Tags allow anything to be monitored by the Range Hub and used to trigger events.  Learn More

Range Tags also work by themselves to turn any phone with the Range App into a presence trigger around the tag itself.  Learn More 

Home automation with Range is as easy as walking through the door



Range lets your devices become presence triggers. With no additional setup, the WiFi and BLE signals of devices like phones and wearables can be recognized and used to trigger events on hundreds of the top smart home gadgets and web service.

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 Peace of mind with no unnecessary notifications


Range gives you unprecedented insight into the activity of your home no matter where you are. The device activity monitored by the Range hub creates a 360-degree view of the activity in your home and, unlike traditional cameras and motion detectors, Range only notifies you about the activity that you care about.   Learn More


smart home should know who is home and when

Make your smart home even smarter by giving it the ability to sense and recognize a person's devices as they come and go.


Range Hub notification

Choose your notifications.

Range can notify you to the comings and goings of a specific person's devices while ignoring others.

Get insight into your home's activity.

Range keeps a running activity feed of your home so you can know who was home and when.  

A range for any space.

Range lets you customize your detection area to fit the size of your home or apartment. 

Give your devices new purpose.

Range works with virtually any mobile device - giving you a reason to take that old fitness tracker out of the top drawer. 


Unknown device recognition.

Range differentiates between the "known devices" you own and "Unknown devices" that have never been seen before so you can get alerts if anything is out of the ordinary.

Easy Setup

Plug the Range Hub into a power source and ethernet port to start detecting - it's that easy!

IFTTT Enabled​

Through it's dedicated If This Then That Channel, Range works seamlessly with many of the most popular smart home devices and web services. 


Create unlimited applets combining the power of proximity with any of IFTTT's 353 Channels

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