Range is a smart home system that leverages proximity to monitor activity and automate actions based on the presence of mobile devices.  Range works by detecting all BLE and WiFi signals, which are constantly emitted by phones, wearables, and countless other smart devices. When any of these devices enters a home equipped with a Range Hub, its unique signal is detected and filtered through the user's settings to decide if it should take action. Range not only keeps track of when devices enter and exit but also notifies you of any activity you wish to monitor. Through our partnership with "If This Then That", Range is able to interact with the most popular smart home gadgets and web services to create "presence triggers" for each of your devices. 


















How does The Range Hub work?


The devices that travel with you (Smartphones, wearables, and even cars) are continually emitting wireless signals - be it WiFi, Bluetooth or both. These signals carry a unique hardware identifier, which can be detected and used to recognize the device. 

Range harnesses the power of proximity, giving you the power to automate and monitor your home or business by detecting wireless devices and triggering actions and alerts based on their presence. The Range Hub also works with Range Tags to turn virtually anything into a presence trigger. 


When any device with a wireless signal (WiFi, Bluetooth, or BLE) or a Range Tag is near the Range Hub, it is detected and checked against your known devices. Set the devices of family and friends to trigger smart home functions through “If This Then That” or set up alerts to notify you of their comings and goings and let you know if an unknown device is in your home.


Create custom coming home experiences for each device you own and achieve peace of mind knowing that Range will notify you of important activity or anything out of the ordinary.



For the home:

Remotely monitor the presence of any wireless device in your home- the Range Hub can tell you which of your devices and Range Tags are present and alert you to any new ones that come into range. 

Stay informed:

  • Give anyone in your family a Range Tag or install the Range App on their smartphone to have Range send email or text alerts when they leave and come home.

  • Attach a Range Tag to your dog’s collar to receive notifications when they leave the house- perfect for the working pet owner who uses a dog walking service.


Automate your unique coming home experiences:

  • Trigger your Nest thermostat to cool or heat your house to the desired temperature of each occupant based on the presence of his or her smartphone - and turn it off when nobody is home.

  • Trigger your Garageio to open based on the presence of your car’s wifi signal

  • Set your Phone's unique BLE signal to open your August smart lock upon detection- or use both your Phone and a Range Tag to act as a secure "combination lock" when they both come into range.  

  • Automatically turn on your Scout Alarm when all your family's phones leave the house.

  • Turn your air conditioning to full blast when your fitness wearable leaves your house and always come back to a cool home after a run.

Peace of mind:

  • Know when unknown devices are in your home.

  • Tell Range to send you "party alerts" when it senses a certain number of unknown devices.

  • Perfect for Airbnb, renters, those with vacation homes, or anyone who goes out of town frequently.



How Does Range interact with my Smart Home devices?


Using If This Then That, Range allows all of your devices and Range Tags to trigger actions through their selection of over 300 channels.


The possibilities for smart home automation are endless! Devices are a great representation of your home's activity; Range allows you to become aware of these patterns and decide what they mean to you.


How Do Range Tags work?


Range tags are keychain-sized devices that work by emitting a low energy bluetooth signal. The Range Hub is able to sense Range Tags right out of the box with no additional setup.


Range Tags are small, lightweight and can easily be attached to your keys, purse, backpack or even a dog collar- turning virtually any object into a presence trigger. 



What if I only want to buy a Range Tag?

Good news! Range Tags can also work by themselves to create a presence trigger between your Range Tag and any phone with the Range App. 

Utilize many of the Range Hub's awesome features with only a Range Tag. The Range Tag can be put anywhere and sense any phone(s) nearby that have the Range App installed. Get notifications and trigger all of the same smart home actions with this lightweight version of the Range system. 


With just the Range Tag you can:

  • Turn any phone into a presence trigger by installing ​the Range App

  • Monitor the comings and goings of all your phones 

  • Get alerts whenever the Range Tag- or anything you attach it to- goes out of range of your phone(s)

  • Create unlimited recipes on IFTTT to trigger actions on all your favorite smart devices and web services based on the proximity of your phone(s) to the Range Tag

  • Have access to a limited version of the Range Dashboard and Range app

With just the Range Tag you can't:

  • Monitor all of your devices (only iOS or Android smartphones with the Range App)

  • Monitor the presence of unknown devices or get "party alerts" when a certain number of unknown devices are in your home

  • Trigger unique actions based on the presence of any of your devices (only iOS or Android smartphones with the Range App)

  • Have access to the all of the cool features of the Range Dashboard and Range App

Range allows for a whole new dimension of awareness.

Detect anything. Monitor everything. Automate using all your things. 


Meet Range